This variety originated on the farm of Mr. I. Lewis, of Roxbu-ry, Mass. The size is medium; form somewhat globular; skin, when ripe, a greenish yellow; the flesh is white, very melting, juicy and excellent; from November to March. The tree grows quick, and bears abundance of fruit.

Louise Bonne de Jersey, Louise Bonne d'Avranches. A large Pear; oblong; a good substitute for the old St. Germain; skin yellowish green, sometimes tinged with red; flesh extremely tender, and full of an excellent saccharine, well flavoured juice. A first-rate fruit, from October till after Christmas.

Newtown Vergaleau

A large Pear, of a yellow colour, with a very short stalk; the tree grows very crooked and of an irregular form, bending by the weight of its fruit, which is excellent to preserve, or for baking; from November to January. Its productiveness renders it desirable in an orchard.

Passe Colmar, Fondante de Panisel, Passe Colmar Gris dit Precet, Poire Precel, Passe Colmar, Epineux, Beurre Colmar Gris dit Precel Beurre d'Argenson, Present de Malines, Colmar souverain, Chipman's A most valuable Pear, of medium size, conical, flattened next the eye; skin at maturity yellowish, sprinkled with russet, a tinge of red next the sun; flesh yellowish, melting, rich and excellent. The tree is a good bearer, and the fruit is in perfection from November to February.

Pound Pear, Black Pear of Worcester, Parkinson's Warden, Grande Monarque, Livre, Groote Mogul, Gros Rateau Gris, Love Pear. Winter Bell of Downing. Fruit very large, of a roundish turbinate figure; skin rough, covered with dull russet; flesh hard and coarse, but excellent when baked or stewed in winter. Grafted on a Pear stock, the tree bears so abundantly, as to bend like a weeping willow. A specimen of this variety was exhibited at the sixteenth annual fair of the American Institute, October, 1843, weighing 33 oz.

Prince's St

Germain. Fruit about medium size; form obovate; skin russetty yellow, with dull red cheek; flesh melting and good. Mr. Manning says that its abundant bearing, and its ripening gradually in the house during winter, renders it a very valuable market fruit; good till after Christmas.

Surpasse Marie Louise, Pitt's Prolific Marie, Pitt's Marie Louise. A large Pear; oblong or calabash formed; green, covered with brown yellow russet; flesh melting and rich flavoured; ripe in October and November. It is a very prolific bearer.

Surpasse St

Germain. Fruit of medium size; round at the crown, tapering to the stem; it is of very irregular form; the skin is rough; colour yellow, mixed with dull brown; flesh coarse grained, sugary, and high flavoured; good from November till January.

Surpasse Vergaleau

Fruit large, oblong, some specimens nearly round; the skin smooth, its colour yellow with a light red cheek; flesh rich, juicy, and delicious eating; in October and November. Mr. Manning says the tree bears young, yields large crops, and is worthy of extensive cultivation.

Uvendale's St

Germain, Belle de Jersey. A large fine pyriform Bell Pear, of a brownish green colour, with russetty spots; flesh firm, and high flavoured. It is considered a first - rate baking Pear, and will keep till March. Mr. Reid, of the Murray Hill Nursery, exhibited some fine specimens of this fruit at the sixteenth annual fair of the American Institute, October, 1843.

Vicar of Winkfield, Bourgmestre of Boston, Monsieur Le Cure, Dumas, Clion of Boston, according to the catalogue of Winter & Co. Flushing. Fruit oblong, or pyramidal; skin russetty yellow, with ruddy colour on one side; flesh firm, sweet, and rich; good as a table fruit, from December to February. This variety is deserving extensive cultivation, for its beauty, large size, keeping qualities and productiveness.

Winter Nelis, Nelis d'Hiver, La Bonne Mulinoise, Spreeuw. All accounts agree that this is a most excellent Winter Pear; its size is above medium, somewhat oval; its skin green and russetty, full of grey dots; flesh yellowish white, melting, high flavoured, with a musky perfume; at perfection in December and January.