[Those designated thus * will ripen in the open air. Those marked thus require but little forcing in favourable seasons.]

* Black Cluster, Black Morillon, True Burgundy, Early Black, Auverna. Bunches rather larger than those of the Miller's Burgundy; berries middle size, somewhat oval; skin of a very black colour; juice rich and sweet: the fruit ripens in the open air about the middle of September.

Black Damascus, Worksop Manor Grape

Bunches middle size; berries large, globular; 6kin thin, of a fine black colour; flesh delicate; juice rich, and of exquisite flavour when properly cultivated under glass.

t Black Frontignan, Black Frontignac, Violet Froritignac, Muscat Noir, Black Conslantia of some. Berries of medium size, round, and grow close on the bunches; skin black; flesh tender; the juice of a rich vinous musky flavour: it ripens in October, in favourable seasons without tire-heat.

Black Hamburgh, Warner's Black Hambvrgh, Potier Bleu, Victoria of some collections. Bunches tolerably large, with two short compact shoulders; berries pretty large, of an oval figure; skin rather thick, of a deep purple colour, nearly black; flesh tender; juice sugary and rich: a good and regular bearer. Wilmot's New Black Hamburgh is said to bear larger berries.

Black Lombardy, West's St, Peter's, Bunches long, with large shoulders; berries large, roundish oval; skin thin, very black at maturity; juice plentiful and high flavoured: it requires a high temperature, and is then a great bearer.

Black Muscat of Alexandria, Red Muscat of Alexandria, Red Frontignac of Jerusalem, Bunches large and shouldered; berries large, oval; skin thick, of a reddish colour, becoming black at maturity; flesh quite firm, with a rich vinous flavour: requires a vinery with fire-heat.

t Black Muscadine, Black Chasselas, Chasselas Noir. Bunches of medium size, compact; berries globular; skin black, covered with fine bloom; juitce rich if well ripened: it requires a vinery.

t Black Prince

Bunches rather long; berries large, oval; skin dark blackish purple, covered with a thick blue bloom; flesh white, abounding with sweet well-flavoured juice: this variety will ripen here in the open air, and bear profusely in the vinery with the easiest culture.

Black St

Peter's, Black Palestine, Saint Peter's. Bunches pretty large and long; berries rather large, almost globular; skin thin, of a black colour; flesh delicate, with a very excellent and well-flavoured juice: this is one of the best sorts for a vinery without fire-heat, and the fruit may be preserved on the vine for early winter use.

Chasselas Mosque, Musk Chasselas

Bunches of medium size; berries middle size, round; skin thin, yellowish white; flesh tender; juice rich and abundant: the highest flavoured chasselas known, having much of the flavour of the Muscat of Alexandria when properly forced.

Chasselas Rouge, Red Muscadine, Red Chasselas

The berries of this variety are something larger than those of the Black Muscadine, they are of a dark red colour, when highly ripened in the vinery; juice sweet, and luscious.

* Early Black July, July Grape, Madeleine Noire, Maurillon Hatif. The earliest of grapes. Bunches small and compact; berries small, quite round, of a black colour, covered with a blue bloom; flavour moderately sweet, but not rich or perfumed: it ripens here in the open air early in August.

* Esperione, Hardy Blue Windsor, Turner's Black, Cumberland Lodge. Bunches handsomely shouldered, and differing little in size from the Black Hamburgh; skin of a deep purple colour, covered with a thick blue bloom; flesh adheres to the skin, and is of a pleasant flavour: the vine is very prolific.

Grizzly Frontignan, Grizzly Frontignac, Muscat Gris. Bunches middle size, with small narrow shoulders; berries round, of medium size; skin thick, pale brown, blended with red and yellow; flesh very rich, musky, and high flavoured; this is one of the best varieties for the vinery.