Flame-coloured Tokay, Red Rhenish, Wantage. Bunches very large, frequently weighing six or seven pounds, being from twelve to eighteen inches in length; berries large, of somewhat oval figure; skin of a pale red or flame colour; flesh firm, with pretty well-flavoured juice: this variety requires fire-heat to bring it to perfection.

* Miller's Burgundy, Miller Grape, Le Mennier, Morillon Taconne. Bunches short, thick, and compact; berries small, roundish, very closely set together; skin thin, with fine blue bloom; flesh tender, abounding with sweet, high-flavoured juice; each berry contains two small seeds.

Pitmaston's White Cluster

A pretty hardy English variety. Bunches of medium size, compact, and shouldered; berries middle size, round; skin thin, light amber colour, occasionally shaded with russet when fully ripe; flesh tender, juicy, sweet, and excellent.

t Red Hamburgh, Warner's Red Hamburgh, Brown Hamburgh, Gibraltar. The berries of this are of a dark red or purple colour, with a thin skin, and juicy, delicate flesh. The size and figure of both the bunch and the berry are very much like the Black Hamburgh, except the latter being less oval, and growing more loosely on the bunches. When the berries are imperfectly ripened, they are of a pale brown colour, hence it is called Brown Hamburgh.

* Royal Muscadine, Amber Muscadine, Early White Teneriffe, Golden Chasselas, White Chasselas. Bunches large and shouldered; berries round, larger than those of the Sweetwater; skin thin, at first greenish white, but turning to an amber colour when fully ripe; flesh tender, and of a rich flavour.


Bunches enormously large, with broad shoulders; berries large, oval; skin thick, white at first, but amber colour when fully ripe; flesh firm, juicy, and sweet. A bunch of this variety was gathered in Mr. Speechly's vinery at Welbeck, England, four feet and a half in circumference, weighing nineteen pounds and a half. The Syrian grape is supposed to be the sort mentioned in Numbers xiii. 23.

Verdelho, Verdal, Verdilhio, Madeira Wine Grape. Bunches rather small, loose, inclined to shoulder; berries oval, small, rather unequal in size; skin thin, almost transparent; juice, when fully matured in the vinery, of a rich saccharine flavour.

White Frontignan, White Frontignac, Muscat blanc, White Constantia. Bunches rather long, without shoulders; berries middle size, round, rather closely set; skin thin, of a greenish yellow, covered with a thin bloom; flesh tender, very rich, and of a high musky flavour, when cultivated in the vinery.

White Hamburgh, White Raisin, White Portugal, White Lisbon, Raisin Muscat. Bunches large, loosely formed; berries large, of an oval figure; skin thick, of a greenish white colour; flesh hard; juice sweet, and slightly acid. Bunches of 3 lbs. weight have been gathered, in vineries near Boston.

White Muscat of Alexandria, Jerusalem Muscat, Passe tongue Musque, Malaga, Tottenham Park Muscat. The most delicious of all grapes, but requires to be grown under glass in this climate. Bunches large, and well-shouldered; berries large, oval; skin thick, of pale amber colour when fully ripe; flesh firm; juice of a sweet, musky, and most delicious flavour.

* White Melier, Melier blanc, Early White Malvasia, Early Chasselas. Berries middle size, somewhat of an oval figure; colour yellowish white; flesh sweet, juicy, and agreeable in flavour: ripens in August.

White Nice

Bunches very large, with loose shoulders; berries roundish, of medium size; skin greenish white, becoming yellowish when ripe; flesh crisp, and of good flavour. Mr. Mcintosh has gathered from his vinery in England bunches weighing eighteen pounds,

* White Sweetwater, Early White Muscadine, Early Sweetwater. Bunches middle size; berries round, growing close; skin whitish, sometimes shaded with a light russet; flesh sweet, watery, saccharine, and luscious: the fruit ripens in the open air towards the end of August.

White Tokay, Gray Tokay, Tokai blanc

Bunches of medium size, compact; berries oval, closely set; skin dull white; flesh very delicate, sweet, and perfumed: good for wine and for the dessert. It will ripen in the open air.