October Gage, Frost Gage

A beautiful native fruit, a drawing of which has been taken from nature, and may be found in "Hoffy'sOrchard-ist's Companion." Fruit of medium size; form oblong; colour dark brownish purple, covered with a black bloom; flesh firm and juicy; flavour sprightly and agreeable; ripe early in October.

Orleans Plum, Red Damask, Damas Rouge, Monsieur. A well known and productive Plum; of medium size, and somewhat oval form; the skin is dark red, approaching to purple, with a thin blue bloom; flesh yellow, firm and good, separating freely from the stone; ripe in August.

Pond's Purple, Pond's Seedling

A large round purple clingstone Plum, a native of Massachusetts; it is of peculiar rich flavour, not apt to crack, and is well adapted for the markets. The tree bears wonderful crops which ripen in August.

Prince's Imperial Gage, Flushing Gage, Superior Green Gage, White Gage. This tree was originated at the Flushing nursery, from a seed of the Green Gage. The fruit is one of the finest of its class; the skin at maturity is yellow, with a whitish bloom; the flesh is rich, luscious, and of excellent flavour. It makes fine preserves, if gathered toward the end of August; at maturity in September.

Prince's Orange Egg

A large splendid orange coloured clingstone Plum, of oval form, and of peculiarly rich flavour; ripe in August. The tree yields abundant crops of truly beautiful fruit, which is never attacked by insects, as many kinds are.

Prune Suisse, Simiana, Pruned' Attesse, Monsieur Tardif. Swiss Prune. Fruit very handsome, round, flattened; colour varying from bright amber to deep red, and covered with azure bloom; flesh yellow, delicious, melting, and closely adheres to the stone; juice very abundant An excellent fruit; ripening in September.

Purple Gage, Blue Gage, Reine Claude Violette, Die Violette, Konigin Claudia. This fruit is of medium size, almost round, and may be considered as one of the finest varieties; its skin is of a violet purple colour, with pale yellow dots, and covered with a light blue bloom; flesh greenish amber, rich, saccharine, and high flavoured: at maturity in August, and good until October.

Queen Victoria, Sharp'stEmperor, Dennyer's Victoria. An excellent freestone Plum, as large as the Red Magnum Bonum; of a roundish oval form, and red colour, covered with a fine bloom; the flesh is firm, rich, juicy, and delicious. The tree grows very strong, and yields abundant crops in September.

Red Diaper, Diapree Rouge, Roche Corbon

One of the most beautiful Plums known; form oval, above medium size; colour bright red; flesh greenish yellow, soft and sweet, separating from the stone; the fruit makes excellent prunes, if gathered early in September, and like the Impe-ratrice, will hang some time on the tree.

Red Magnum Bonum, Red Imperial, Imperial Violette of the French. Purple Egg of Prince and others. A large, oval Plum, of deep red colour, covered with blue bloom; the flesh, which parts from the stone, is harsh and acid; consequently good for cooking, preserves, &c; in September and October.