Red Perdrigon, Perdrigon Rouge

An excellent Plum, of the first class; of medium size, oval shape, and fine red colour, with gold coloured dots, and a fine bloom; flesh bright yellow, transparent, and separates from the stone; juice sweet and delicious; ripe early in September. It makes excellent prunes, not inferior to the White Perdrigon.

Red Queen Mother

The Plum is of medium size, its colour bright red and yellow, somewhat spotted, and covered with pale bloom; its flesh is yellow, sweet and excellent, ripening early in September. A very productive variety, and highly deserving of cultivation.

Royal de Tours

The tree is of extraordinary vigorous growth; its principal stem rises vertically; the fruit is globular, of medium size; red violet colour, and covered with azure bloom; flesh yellow, fine, good; juice abundant and sweet: ripens early in August.

Saint Catharine

A medium sized, oblong fruit; skin bright gold colour, spotted with red at maturity, and covered with bloom; flesh yellow, tender, sweet, and fine flavour; ripens early in September, and will hang some time on the tree. A good market Plum, for which purpose it is much cultivated.

Smith's Orleans

This variety is held in great esteem as a market fruit; the trees are free from gum and insects, and yields abundant crops of large freestone Plums, of an oval form and purple colour. The fruit ripens gradually in September.

Surpasse Monsieur

A large fruit, of oval form, and of a dark red purplish colour, raised by a Mr. Noisette; it is said to be more beautiful and perfumed than the Monsieur, and the tree yields suckers, which produce fruit in all their beauty and excellence; in September.

Virgin ale

White Virginal. This fruit ranks among the best of Plums; its shape is round; colour yellowish, touched with violet or rose, and covered with dense bloom; flesh melting, juice abundant, and very agreeable; it adheres to the stone; ripe in September.

Washington, New Washington, Bolmar's Washington, Franklin. A very large, globular Plum, inclining to oval; colour greenish yellow, with crimson specks, covered with a rich bloom. This Plum has somet mes weighed over four ounces; its flesh is yellow, firm, sweet and delicious; in August. This variety originated in New-York, from suckers of an old root, the tree of which had been some time previously destroyed by lightning.

White Magnum Bonum, Yellow Magnum Bonum, Gros Luisante, Im-periale Blanche, Egg Plum, White Mogul, White Holland. This fruit is of extraordinary size, oval; yellow, covered with pale bloom; the flesh yellow, firm, closely adhering to the stone; excellent for cooking and preserves; in September.

White Perdrigon, Perdrigon Blanc

A middle sized, oblong fruit, of a pale yellow, with red spots, and covered with white bloom; flesh yellow, rich, saccharine and juicy, separating from the stone; it ripens in August and September.