Downton Imperatrice

A superior late Plum, of medium size, shaped similar to the blue imperatrice; skin dark yellow, and very thin; the flesh yellow, soft, juicy, with a high flavoured acidity; at perfection in October and November.

Drap d'Or, Cloth of Gold, Myrabelle Double

Yellow Perdrigon of Winter & Co. A small freestone Plum, of a roundish form, and bright yellow colour, marbled with red; flesh yellow, tender; juice sugary and excellent; ripe in July and August.

Duane's French Purple, Dame Aubert Violet

Purple Magnum Bonum and Purple Egg of some collections. A very superior clingstone Plum, of large size, and oblong form; the skin dark purple; flesh sweet, juicy, rich and excellent; ripe in September. This variety, from being imported by Mr. Duane, of New York, was named after him, as he had lost the original name.

Early Orleans, New Orleans, Early Monsieur, Monsieur Hatif. A fine freestone plum, above medium size; form round; its sature deep; colour dark purple, covered with a fine bloom; flesh greenish yellow, of excellent flavour; sweet, combined with a pleasant acid; it ripens in August.

Early Tours, Precose de Tours, Early Violet

The tree is vigorous and fertile; fruit small, oval, dark purple covered with fine bloom; flesh greenish yellow, tender, juicy, and of very agreeable flavour; one of the best early varieties, and very productive; ripe at the end of July.


French Cooper of Prince. A native clingstone Plum, highly esteemed in Pennsylvania and New-Jersey for its productiveness and other good qualities; the fruit is below medium size, of oblong shape and dark blue colour; flesh firm, very rich and delicious; in September.

German Prune, Prune d' All magne, Damas Gros, Quetsche, Quetzen. The fruit of the Quetsche Plum is grown for the purpose of drying, and is considered the best for use as prunes; fruit below the middle size; of an oval figure; skin red and purple; flesh yellow; juice sweet, with a slight acid; ripe early in September.

Goliath, Goliah, St

Cloud, Caledonian. Wilmot's late Orleans. This fruit is very large, sometimes weighing four ounces; the skin is a deep reddish purple; the flesh pale yellow, firm, and well flavoured, but not rich, slightly adhering to the stone; the tree is a great bearer, and the fruit is much used for cooking; ripe in September.

Green Gage, Great Queen Claude, Dauphine, Grosse Reine Claude, Abricot Vert, Verte Bonne, Grus Dumas Vert. A middle sized round fruit, of a yellowish green colour, and purplish russetty red next the sun; the flesh is of a greenish hue, melting, with an abundance of very sweet and highly perfumed juice, of an exquisite taste; it arrives at maturity toward the end of August.

Horse Plum, Large Sweet Damson

Fruit of medium size, oval, with a deep sature in the middle; skin dark red, inclining to purple when ripe; flesh greenish yellow; juice acid but agreeable. Quantities of these Plums are sold in the New-York markets in August and September, for sweetmeats. The trees are generally raised from suckers; and Peaches, Apricots, and Nectarines, will bud and thrive well on such stocks.