American Yellow Gage, American Wheat

A beautiful medium sized oval Plum, of a bright yellow colour, when fully ripe; its flavour is rich, equal to the Green Gage. The fruit is not apt to crack nor to be attacked by insects. It is a very suitable variety to cultivate for the market; it ripens in August and September.

Apricot Plum, Prune Abricote, Abricote de Tours. A large freestone Plum; its form is globular, depressed, divided by a deep sature; whitish yellow, but faint red next the sun, and covered with bloom; its flesh is firm, juicy, sweet, musky and excellent; it ripens in August and September.

Bingham, Bingham's Yellow Cling

A delicious clingstone Plum, of large size and oval form; skin bright yellow, spotted and blotched with red; flesh yellow, rich, and delicious; ripening in August and September.

Bleeker's Gace

This fine freestone Plum is stated to have been raised by the Rev. Mr. Bleeker, of Albany, from the stone of a German Prune; it is a large globular fruit, of excellent quality; skin dark yellow, with red spots and blotches; the flesh is rich, saccharine, and juicy; in September.

Coe's Golden Drop, Coe's Imperial, Bury Seedling, Golden Gage, Fair's Golden Drop. Raised by Mr. Coe, Bury St. Edmond's, Suffolk. England. The tree is vigorous; fruit oval, of large size; skin greenish yel low, spotted with violet and crimson; the flesh, which separates from the stone, is of gold colour, rich and excellent; the fruit ripens at the end of September, and will keep several weeks. A first - rate fruit, and worthy of general cultivation.

Coe's Late Red, Saint Martin, Saint Martin Rouge. An excellent freestone Plum of medium size, in form almost round; its colour is violet purple, with a partial degree of bloom; flesh rich, saccharine and high flavoured. It is one of the best of late Plums, ripening in October and November.

Columbia, Columbian Gage

A beautiful native clingstone Plum, of light purple colour; the flesh is firm, of a greenish hue, with an abundance of rich flavoured juice. The tree is a great bearer, and ripens its fruit in August Cooper's Large Red, Cooper's Large American, La Delicieuse. This Plum is of extraordinary size, measuring within an eighth of two inches in each direction; the skin is of a fine dark purple colour; the flesh is yellowish green, rich, juicy, and of pleasant flavour; the fruit makes excellent preserves, if gathered in August; its great defect is an inclination to rot, if left long on the tree.

Diamond Plum

Some consider this as the largest Plum known; its colour is a dark purple; in form it resembles the Magnum Bonum, but its flavour is considered rather superior; it ripens in September, and the flesh separates clear from the stone. The tree, which grows vigorously, originated with Mr. Hooker, Kent, England.

Downing's Emerald Drop

A beautiful clingstone Plum of medium size, oblong form, and green colour; flesh firm and of delicious flavour; this variety originated at the Nursery of A. J. Downing & Co., Newburgh, State of New York.