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Part III.

Beurre d'Anjou

A first-rate Autumn pear, imported from France by Col. Wilder, of Boston: fruit rather above medium size; obovate; skin greenish yellow, a little clouded with russet; flesh very fine grained, buttery, and melting, with a rich, sprightly vinous flavour.

Bezi de la Motte, Bein Armudi, Beurre Blanc de Jersey. Fruit of medium size, bergamot shaped, skin pale yellowish green, sprinkled with russet dots; flesh white, very fine grained, buttery and juicy, with a sweet perfumed flavour: an old Autumn variety, ripe in October.

Bishop's Thumb

An old English Autumn pear, usually considered first-rate: fruit rather large, oblong and narrow; skin yellowish green, dotted with russet, and tinged with red; flesh juicy, melting, and of rich vinous flavour.

Bon Chretien Fondante

A new Flemish pear, abounding with juice, and having a refreshing and agreeable flavour; skin pale green, mottled, and dotted with russet: ripe in October.


A native orchard pear, from Rhode Island, of the Doyenne family: fruit of medium size, oblong, ovate; skin deep yellow, finely suffused with bright red, and russet dots; flesh sweet, and excellent: ripe in September.

Compte de Lamy, Beurre Curte, Dingier, Marie Louise the Second. A rich Flemish Autumn pear, of medium size, roundish obovate; skin yellow, with a brownish red cheek, and russety; flesh melting and high flavoured.

Duchesse de Mars, Duchess of Mars

A French autumn pear of medium size, obovate; skin dull yellow, partially covered with brown russet, with a. dull red cheek; flesh very melting, and of a rich perfumed flavour.


A truly admirable and hardy pear from the garden of the London Horticultural Society. Fruit large, oblong obovate; skin greenish, speckled with russet; flesh buttery, melting, and rich: ripe in September.


A hardy and prolific seedling of Mr. Knight's. Fruit of medium size, oblate or flattened; skin much covered with russet; flesh buttery, rich, and melting: in October and November.

Fondante Van Mons

An excellent melting pear, introduced by Mr. Manning. Fruit of medium size, roundish; skin pale yellow; flesh white, juicy, sweet, and palatable: towards the end of October.

Jalousie de Fontenay Vendee

A fine autumn French pear, of medium 6ize; turbinate, or obtuse pyriform; skin dull yellow, and green, with red cheek, marked with russet; flesh melting, with a rich flavoured juice.


A seedling winter pear, from the nursery of Messrs. Wilcomb & King, Flushing. Fruit rather large, obovate; skin yellowish green, with patches of brown; flesh melting, and rich: from November to January.

Paradise d'Automne

A newly imported early autumn pear, of large size; pyriform, tapering into the stalk; skin dull yellow, russeted; flesh white, fine grained, melting, and luscious.


This fine autumn variety, originated in the old Bartram Botanic Garden, near Philadelphia, from a seed furnished by Lord Petre of London, in 1735. Fruit of medium size, obovate; skin pale yellow, marked with greenish russet; flesh fine grained, and melting, with a perfumed high flavour.

Queen of the Low Countries, Reine des Pays Bas. Fruit large, broad pyriform; skin dull yellow, mottled with russet, and overspread with fine dark red; flesh melting, with a rich sub-acid vinous flavour: early in October.


A German pear of medium size; oblong pyriform; skin yellowish green, with reddish brown cheek, and light coloured dots; flesh juicy, melting, sweet, and palatable: in September and October.

St. Ghislain. An excellent Belgium autumn pear, introduced by S G. Perkins, Esq., of Boston. Fruit of medium size, pyriform; skin pale yellow, with a few gray specks; flesh white, buttery, juicy, and of a rich sprightly flavour.


This fine autumn pear was named in honour of Mr. Robert Thompson, Superintendent of the London Horticultural Society's garden. Fruit of medium size, obovate; skin pale lemon-yellow, dotted and streaked with russet; flesh white, buttery, and melting, with an agreeable aromatic flavour: tree hardy and prolific, producing its fruit in October and November.

Van Mons Leon Le Clerc

A splendid autumn pear, imported by Col. Wilder of Boston. Fruit large, oblong-ovate; skin yellowish, mingled with brown; flesh yellowish white, rich, and melting: in October and November.

Van Buren

A seedling raised by Gov. Edwards of New Haven. Fruit large, obovate; skin clear yellow, with a rich orange-red blush, and russet spots; flesh sweet, and perfumed; excellent for baking and preserving.