Bunker's Hill, Copper's

Two hundred and ten prizes were awarded for this variety in two years; the heaviest berry weighing 20 dwts 2 grains.


This variety is noted for its earliness and delicious flavour. The fruit is of medium size, weighing about 18 dwts.

Cottage Girl, Heaps's

This variety won one hundred and thirty-three prizes in two seasons: the largest berry weighing 19 dwts. 14 grains.

Golden Gourd

Hill's. A fine early fruit of medium size; shape oblong; skin thin slightly hairy, of rich flavour, and not apt to mildew.

Golden Yellow, Dixon's This is a favourite, medium sized, early fruit for private gardens; the skin is smooth, thin, and transparent, and the berries will hang some time without becoming flat and insipid.

Gunner Hardcastle's

One hundred and ninety-two prizes were given for this variety in 1828; and in 1829 one hundred and eighty-one prizes were awarded; the heaviest berry weighing 24 dwts. 5 grains; fruit rather late.

Invincible, Haywood's

This celebrated fruit is of medium size, weighing about 18 dwts; skin thin, transparent; pulp saccharine and delicious.

Kilton Hero, Hamlet's Kilton

One of the best early yellow fruited gooseberries; fruit oblong, slightly hairy, excellent for cooking while immature, and delicious eating when fully ripe.

Regulator, Prophet's

A very fine fruit, of medium size and rich acid flavour; good for bottling, being firm, and not liable to crack.

Rockwood, Prophet's

The fruit of this variety is very early; it is of a roundish, oblong shape, and slightly hairy. It won three hundred and three prizes in two years; the largest berry weighing 21 dwts. 3 grains

Sovereign, Bratherton's

Two hundred and two prizes were obtained for this variety in two seasons; the heaviest berry weighing 22 dwts. 17 grains.

Viper, Gordon's

This is an early smooth fruit, and won eighty-seven prizes in two years; the largest berry weighing 18 dwts. 5 grains.