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First Volumes.

I. The Natural History of Selborne.

By Gilbert White. Edited, with an Introduction, by Grant Allen, and containing 291 Illustrations by Edmund H. New, and Photogravure Portraits of Gilbert White's Correspondents: Daines Barrington and Thomas Pennant. ** This volume includes White's "Observations on Nature" and "Poems"; also some interesting Notes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

II. The Compleat Angler. By Isaac Walton and Charles Cotton. Edited, with an Introduction, by Richard le Gallienne, and containing 237 Illustrations by Edmund H. New, and Photogravure Portraits of Walton and Cotton.

*** Mr. Edmund ff. New spent some two years in following the footsteps of the Father of Angling, and the present edition includes drawings of the majority of the places mentioned in the text. A special feature is the drawings of fish.

III. Memoirs of Mademoiselle des Echerolles. Translated from the French by Marie Clothilde Balfour. With an Introduction, Portraits, etc.

*** These "Side Lights on the Reign of Terror " were originally published under the title of " Some Years of My Life" ; and M. de Lamartinet who consulted them when writing his " Histoire des Girondins" expressed himself as delighted with the work, and declared,he had never met with one so interest-int. There is contained in Mdlle. des Eckerolles' pages a vivid and touching account of the privations of those so remorselessly pursued by tyrants, to whom the name of "the people" was a means that enabled them to satisfy their for vengeance.

IV. Memoirs of Lady Fanshawe, wife of the Right Hon. Sir Roland Fanshawe, Bart., Ambassador from Charles the Second to the Court of Madrid. Written by Herself. To which are added Extracts from the Correspondence of Sir Richard Fanshawe. A New Edition. Edited, with an Introduction, by Beatrice Marshall. With New Portraits, Illustrations, etc.

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