- An Illustrated Series of Practical Handbooks dealing with Country Life. Suitable fir the Pocket or Knapsack Edited by Harry Roberts

Fcap. 8vo (6 by 4 in.).

Price 3 s. net. bound in Limp Cloth. $ 1.00 net. Price 4s. net, bound in Limp Leather. $ 1.20 net.

Vol. I. - The Tramp's Handbook. By harry Roberts. With over fifty Illustrations by Walter Pascoe.

A volume written in defence of vagabondage, containing much valuable advice to the amateur gipsy, traveller, or cyclist, as to camping-out, cooking, etc.

Vol. II. - The Motor Book. By r. t.

Mecredy. With numerous Illustrations.

An invaluable handbook that should find a place in the library of every motorist, or even in the car itself.

Vol. III. - The Tree Book. By Mary rowles Jarvis.

Containing varied and useful information relating to forests, together with a special chapter on Practical Forestry.

Vol. IV. - The Still Room. By Mrs. Charles Roundell.

A book of information upon all subjects pertaining to preserving, pickling, bottling, distilling, etc, with many useful hints upon the dairy.

Vol. V. - The Bird Book. By a. j. r.


A guide to the study of bird life, with hints as to recognising various species by their flight or their note.

Vol. VI. - The Woman Out of Doors. By Menie Muriel Dowie.

A book of practical value and interest to every sportswoman, lady gardener, and out-of-door woman of every kind.

Vol. VII. - The Stable Handbook.

Vol. VIII. - The Fisherman's Handbook.

By Edgar Shrubsole.

John Lane, London And New York

The Crown Library