A bed of well-chosen Roses is a beautiful ornament of a lawn. In spring the young foliage is delicious in its tints, and from May to November there is always a sprinkling of flowers. The Teas and Hybrid Teas are far superior to the Hybrid Perpetuals for continuous effect. Here are a few vigorous, free-blooming varieties: -

Anna Olivier, white or tinted.

Augustine Guinoisseau, blush.

Caroline Testout, pink.

Dr. Grill, copper.

Francisca Krüger, copper.

François Dubrueil, crimson.

Grace Darling, cream.

Grüss an Teplitz, crimson.

Gustave Regis, yellow.

Hon. Edith Gifford, white.

Kaiserin Augusta Victoria, pale yellow.

Liberty, crimson.

La France, peach.

Madame Abel Chateney, rose.

Marie Van Houtte, lemon, tinted rose.

Marquise de Salisbury, crimson.

Mrs. W. J. Grant, pink

The Rose beds may be margined with such beautiful Pinks as Ernest Ladhams, blush; Her Majesty, white; and Mrs. Sinkins, white, if desired.