Vegetables. - Sow Cabbages for Spring. Earth Celery. Sow Endive. Earth Leeks. Tie Lettuces. Harvest Onions. Clear off decaying Beans and Peas. Sow Spinach. Thin the foliage of Tomatoes.


Fruit. - Syringe and ventilate vineries, but close early in the afternoon to husband heat. Thin out fruited shoots of Peaches. Layer Strawberries. Summer prune fruit trees.

Flower Garden

Flower Garden. - Remove worn out annuals. Sow others for spring. Layer Carnations (for method see "Cassell's Pictorial Practical Carnation Growing"). Stake Gladioli. Put in cuttings of Zonal Geraniums. Bud Roses.

Greenhouse and Conservatory

Greenhouse and Conservatory. - Water Chrysanthemums. Watch for and "take" buds (for details see "Cassell's Pictorial Chrysanthemum Culture"). Sow Cyclamens. Strike cuttings of Heliotrope. Top-dress Liliums. Start Pelargoniums.