Vegetables. - Earth Celery. Train Cucumbers. Plant out Lettuces. Dry off Shallots. Thin various crops where crowded. Disbud and stake Tomatoes.


Fruit. - Thin late Grapes and stop laterals. Guard against birds and insects. Gather small fruits. Propagate Strawberries by layering.

Flower Garden

Flower Garden. - Stake Carnations. Water and mulch various plants. Insert pipings of Pinks. Bud Roses. Pick Violas. Thin Wallflowers and other seedlings where crowded.

Greenhouse and Conservatory

Greenhouse and Conservatory. - Stand Azaleas outside. Put Cinerarias and Calceolarias in frames. Water Chrysanthemums. Top-dress Liliums. Syringe and ventilate to maintain a fresh, buoyant atmosphere. Shade houses.