Vegetables. - Finish cutting Asparagus. Sow Scarlet Runners. Remove the tops of Broad Beans if black fly appear. Protect various crops from birds, insects, and fungi (for remedies see "Cassell's Pictorial Practical Vegetable Growing"). Plant Celery. Plant outdoor Cucumbers. Sow salads. Stake Peas. Earth Potatoes. Plant out Tomatoes, Vegetable Marrows, and Winter Greens.


Fruit. - Stop Vine laterals and ventilate vineries. Gather Gooseberries. Fertilise Melons. Thin Peaches. Net Strawberries.

Flower Garden

Flower Garden. - Repot Auriculas. Put out bedding plants. Plant out Begonias. Plant Cannas. Plant Dahlias. Sow Foxgloves. Gather Roses, Sweet Peas, Violas, and other flowers.

Greenhouse and Conservatory

Greenhouse and Conservatory. - Plant out Arum Lilies. Water Cacti. Give Chrysanthemums their final pots, and put outdoors. Pot ferns. Pinch Fuchsias. Keep Pelargoniums dry after flowering. Syringe and ventilate plant houses.