Vegetables. - Sow dwarf French Beans and Scarlet Runners. Sow long Beetroot. Sow Carrots. Plant out Celery. Divide Herbs. Thin Onions and other young crops where crowded. Stake Peas, and sow for late use. Earth early Potatoes. Harden off Tomatoes.


Fruit. - Thin Grapes. Fertilise Melons. Mulch Strawberries. Keep down all kinds of insects and fungi (for recipes see "Cassell's Pictorial Practical Fruit Growing ").

Flower Garden

Flower Garden. - Sow annuals. Sow Arabises and Aubrietias. Put out bedding plants towards the end of the month. Sow Canterbury Bells and Forget-me-nots. Plant Dahlias towards the end. Plant hardy ferns. Sow Mignonette. Divide and sow Polyanthuses and Primroses. Stake Sweet Peas. Sow Sweet Williams and Wallflowers.

Greenhouse and Conservatory

Greenhouse and Conservatory. - Divide and plant Arum Lilies. Repot Azaleas. Repot Camellias, and cut back old plants. Pot Chrysanthemums, and remove the May bud. Propagate Coleuses by cuttings. Stop Fuchsias.