Vegetables. - Sow dwarf Beans, round Beetroot, Carrots, Leeks, Onions, Parsley, Parsnips, Peas, and Turnips. Plant Potatoes. Plant out Cauliflowers from boxes, and sow outdoors for autumn. Prick off Celery. Plant out Cucumbers under glass. Plant out Onions from boxes. Plant Seakale. Sow Winter Greens.


Fruit. - Graft fruit trees. Disbud Vines. Plant out Melons under glass. Cut back freshly planted Raspberries.

Flower Garden

Flower Garden. - Sow annuals outdoors. Plant out Snapdragons. Harden bedding plants in frames. Prick out seedling Begonias and start tubers. Plant Calceolarias and Carnations. Start Dahlias and pot cuttings. Plant Gladioli. Renovate, mow, and roll lowns. Prune Roses. Propagate Violets by cuttings and division.

Greenhouse and Conservatory

Greenhouse and Conservatory. - Propagate Bouvardias by root or stem cuttings. Repot young Chrysanthemums, and harden in a frame. Sow Cinerarias. Start Fuchsias, and take cuttings. Repot Orchids. Give liquid manure to Pelargoniums. Sow Primulas.