Various kinds of mammals and birds become plagues and nuisances at times, sometimes destroying plants, sometimes annoying human beings; and with these may be included mosquitoes and flies.

Roaming cats are often nuisances that demand control. A trespassing cat should be considered as much a transgressor as a trespassing dog or chicken or goat, — and perhaps even more so if the neighborhood is choice of its music. Owners of cats are under just as much responsibility to keep their cats at home as to keep their horses or pigs at home; if they cannot keep them at home, they should not be allowed to have them.

A clean and tidy place harbors few pests. In general, if the plantation is free of litter, and the adjacent fields contain no harbors of brush, mice and rabbits are rarely annoying to orchards. In hard winters, with deep snow, these animals are more destructive than in open winters. Rabbits browse young growth of nursery stock and small trees. Sheep and hogs rarely girdle trees if they are given sufficient food and water, the latter being especially important.