Interference with judges.

14.  No person other than the judges, except the officers of the Fair Board, the superintendent, and the grooms in charge, will be permitted to go into the rings where the stock is being passed upon by the Awarding Judges, and no exhibitor or other person will be allowed to interfere or communicate with the judges of live-stock during the adjudications. If judges desire information from exhibitors or others concerning animals on exhibit, they will make the fact known and call for such explanation or information as may be necessary in the case. A violation of this rule will disqualify exhibitors from competing, or subject them to a forfeiture of any premium that may have been awarded.

Disrespect to awards or judges.

15.  If any disrespect is shown to an award or to the Awarding Judges, by the exhibitor or his agent, he shall forfeit all awards made to him, and the member in charge shall report the same promptly to the Secretary.

False evidence.

16.    Should a premium be found to have been obtained by false evidence or misrepresentation, or a violation of any of the rules of the Board, it will be withheld.

Animals entering the ring.

17.  Horses and cattle can enter the arenas only under halter unless otherwise specified, and in charge of grooms, and sheep and swine only in charge of attendants.


Premiums indicated.

18.  Horses, cattle, swine, and sheep will be exhibited in the arenas of ample capacity, and the premium ribbons attached or delivered by the judges before the animals leave the arenas. First premium, blue ; second premium, red ; third premium, white ; fourth premium, yellow; fifth premium, green; Championship, purple ; Reserve Championship, pink ; Grand Championship, royal purple rosette.


19.  Protests against awards in any of the departments of the Fair must be made in writing, clearly setting forth the grounds for protest, and must be filed with the Secretary not later than one day after the awards are made. All protests will be considered by the Board at its first meeting succeeding the Fair, unless otherwise ordered. Parties interested will be duly notified, and opportunity given them to submit evidence. Premiums on protested animals will be withheld until the protests are decided.

Animals not entered.

20.  A charge of double the regular fee will be made for each stall or pen occupied by animals not entered for premium competition.


21.   Exhibitors will not be permitted to attract attention to their exhibits by means of perambulating advertisers, or any method tending to objectionable noise and confusion. The promiscuous distribution of hand-bills or other advertising matter is strictly prohibited, and no tacking or posting of advertising bills or cards will be permitted on or in any of the buildings. Exhibitors may advertise at and distribute from their places of exhibit only.


22.  Expert judges, appointed by the Board, will report to the Secretary, and he will direct them to the members in charge of the departments in which they are to serve.

23.  No person who is an exhibitor can act as judge, or in any other capacity, in the department in which he exhibits, or upon stock in which he has an interest.

24.  When animals are not deemed worthy, judges will refuse to award premiums, whether or not there be competition in the classes.

25.   Animals for which no premiums are offered, but which in the opinion of the judges deserve special commendation, will be so reported, but premium cards or ribbons must not be attached.

26.  If there be any question as to the regularity of an entry or the right of an animal to compete in a given class, the judge shall report the same to the member in charge for adjustment.

27.  Judges in the several departments, when requested, may give the reasons for their decisions, embracing the valuable and desirable qualities of the animals to which the premiums are awarded. As the one great object of the Board is to collect valuable information upon subjects connected with agriculture and the industrial arts, the several judges and superintendents are requested to gather all the information possible from exhibitors in their respective departments, and make their report as complete as circumstances will permit. Reports of awards are to be made to the members in charge as clearly as possible after the adjudications.