Payment of premiums.

28.  Premiums are payable in cash (check) except when cups, medals, or diplomas are specified or desired in lieu of cash. Medals and diplomas will be forwarded as directed, to the proper person, by the Secretary. Speed premiums will be paid on the last day of the Fair, and all other premiums will be paid within fifteen days after the close of the Fair, or at the time stated.

All premiums awarded, and not called for during the calendar year in which awards are made, will be forfeited.

Exhibition and examination.

29.  Examination by the judges for premium awards will begin in each of the live-stock departments at 9 o'clock a.m. of the day named for showing, except special classes as noted, and the judges will proceed in the order directed by the members in charge of the departments.

Forfeiture of space.

30.    When space has been assigned to any exhibitor, the member in charge shall have the right, in case the exhibitor shall fail to make or maintain a creditable display, to declare the space assigned, or any portion thereof, forfeited. Exhibitors must arrange their exhibits in as neat and attractive a manner as possible, in default of which the member in charge will report the entries to the Secretary for cancellation, and require the removal of the stock at the expense of the exhibitor.

Signs and arrangements of exhibits.

31.  The members in charge of the several departments shall have the right to prescribe the dimensions and to regulate the positions of all signs, and generally to direct the arrangement of exhibits, so far as the same may be necessary to secure harmony and to be attractive in appearance.

Straw and feed.

32.    Arrangements will be made with a responsible party to furnish straw, hay, corn, oats, and chopped feed on the grounds at market prices, in quantities to suit the purchasers.

Regulation for helpers.

33.  The members in charge of the several departments will issue free daily admission tickets to such helpers as are necessary and actually under pay in caring for or operating exhibits. A list of such helpers must be furnished to the superintendents of the departments, on arrival of exhibits at the buildings or grounds.

Special rules governing horses.

34.  Entries must be made fifteen days before the fair opens, and be accompanied by proper fees to cover charges for exhibitor's ticket and stall rent. Exhibitors are requested to specify the number of stalls required, upon receipt of which information stalls will be assigned and their numbers sent to the person or firm making entries.

35.  Charges for stalls.

Box stall......................    $4.00

Open stall.....................     2.00

Pony stall.....................      1.00

Exhibitor's ticket...................     2.00

36.  The published order of exhibition will be conformed to as nearly as possible ; provided, however, the right is reserved to make such changes in the order of exhibition, as in the discretion of the member in charge will facilitate the work.

37.  The superintendent of each department must check the entries shown in the entry books in each ring, with the exhibits present, and so mark the entry books that they will show what animals were passed on by the judges.

38.  The member in charge may exclude from competition exhibitors who occasion unnecessary or embarrassing delay in bringing animals into the show ring.

39.  The judges shall not make any award where there is unsoundness in breeding animals which is transmissible.

40.  All breeding animals must be recorded in Standard Stud Books, and exhibitors must be prepared to submit certificates or registry.

               Speed classes — trotting and racing