Liquid putty for glazing.

Take equal parts, by measure, of boiled oil, putty, and white lead. Mix the putty and oil, then add the white lead. If the mixture becomes too thick, add turpentine. Apply with a putty-bulb.

Paint for shading greenhouse roofs.

Make a paint of ordinary consistency of white lead and naphtha. It is removed from the glass by the use of a scrubbing-brush. Make it thin, or it is hard to remove.

Ordinary lime whitewash is good for temporary use. If salt is added, it adheres better. It may be applied with a spray pump.

To keep flower-pots clean.

When the pots are cleaned, soak them a few hours in ammoniacal carbonate of copper (recipe, page 255). Soak them about once a year. This fungicide kills the green alga upon the pots, and prevents a new growth from appearing.