Watermelon.....    About the middle of May.

New York (Henderson)

Plants to sow from the middle of March to the end of April. Thermometer in shade averaging 45 degrees.

Beet Cauliflower                              . Parsley

Carrot Endive                                            Peas

Cress Kale                                                Radish

Celery Lettuce                                           Spinach

Cabbage Onions                                            Turnip


From the middle of May to the middle of June. Thermometer in the shade averaging 60°.

Bean, bush                                     Bean, runner                                  Nasturtium

Bean, cranberry                             Corn, sweet                                    Okra

Bean, lima                                      Cucumber                                      Pumpkin

Bean, pole                                      Melon, musk                                  Squash

Bean, scarlet                                   Melon, water                                 Tomato

Norfolk, Virginia Months in which different crops are planted or sown, or set out in the open air.

Kale and Spinach sown during August, September, and October.

Cabbage . . . The seeds are sown in August and September, and the plants are transplanted in the open air in November and December.

Onions . . . Sown in August, September, January, and February.

Leeks .... The same as onions.

Lettuce . . . Sown in September and January.

Radish . . . Sown in every month in the year.

Peas .... December, January, February, March, April, August, and


Beans .... March and April.

Egg-plant . . April and May.

Tomatoes . . April and May.

Squash . . .    April.

Cauliflower . .    March and April.

Potatoes . . .    February, March, and July.

Sweet-potatoes .    May.

Beets ....    February and March.

Corn ....    April, May, June, and July.

Oats ....    September, October, November, December, February, and