Massachusetts Horticultural Society rules (1911).

Special rules of the plant and flower committee. — 1. All named varieties of Plants or Flowers exhibited for premiums or other awards must have the name legibly and correctly written on stiff card, wood, or some other permanent substance; and each separate plant or flower must have its name attached.

2.  All exhibits shall be marked by a card on which shall appear the name and address of the exhibitor and inclosed in an envelope on which shall appear only the number of Prize as listed in the Schedule.

3.  Plants in Pots, to be entitled to Prizes, must evince skillful culture in the profusion of bloom or decorative foliage, and in the beauty, symmetry, and vigor of the specimens.

4.  No awards will be made on other than regular prize days, except for objects of special merit.

Special rules of the fruit committee. - All fruits offered for premiums must be correctly named. Indefinite appellations, such as " Pippin," " Sweeting," " Greening," etc., will not be considered as names.

2.  All Fruits offered for premiums must be composed of exactly the number of specimens or quantity named in the Schedule. A " dish " of Apples, Pears, Peaches, Plums, Nectarines, Quinces, Figs, Apricots, etc., is understood to contain twelve specimens, and this number will be required of all Fruits when not otherwise specified.

3.  The whole quantity required of any one variety of Fruit must be shown in a single dish or basket except in collections.

4.  Contributors of Fruits for Exhibition or Prizes must present the same in the Society's dishes. All Small Fruits must be shown in baskets of uniform size, which will be furnished to exhibitors by the Superintendent at cost.

5.  No person can compete for more than one Prize with the same variety or varieties of Fruit; except that a single dish of the same variety, but not the same specimens of fruit, may be used by an exhibitor for both Special and Regular Prizes.

6.  The Fruit Committee, in making its awards, will consider the flavor, beauty, and size of the specimens, comparing each of these properties with a fair standard of the variety. The adaptation of the variety to general cultivation will also be taken into account. Other things being equal, specimens most nearly in perfection as regards ripeness will have the preference. Score-cards may be used at the discretion of the Committee.

Special rules of the vegetable committee. - 1. The specimens offered must be well grown and placed on the tables clean and correctly labeled.

2.  All exhibits of Vegetables offered for premium must be composed of exactly the number of specimens or quantity named in the Schedule.

3.  At all exhibitions of Fungi distinctively colored cards, having the word "Poisonous" plainly printed thereon, shall be provided, and all persons exhibiting Fungi not known to be edible shall be required to use these cards in labeling all such exhibits.

4.  All collections of vegetables will be judged on merit, giving consideration, first, to quality; second, to arrangement; and third, to variety. Not more than two varieties of one kind of vegetable admissible in collections.