North American Veterinary Colleges and Departments, 1910-11

Colleges, schools, and divisions, giving full courses or leading to veterinary degrees

Alabama Polytechnic Institute, College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn.

Chicago Veterinary College (1883).

Cincinnati Veterinary College.

George Washington University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington, D.C.

United States College of Veterinary Surgeons, Washington, D.C.

Grand Rapids Veterinary College, Grand Rapids, Mich. (1897).

Indiana Veterinary College, Indianapolis (1892).

Iowa State College, Division of Veterinary" Medicine, Ames (1884).

Kansas City Veterinary College (1891).

University Veterinary College, Kansas City.

Western Veterinary College, Kansas City (1897).

McKillip Veterinary College, Chicago (1894).

New York American Veterinary College, New York City (1899).

New York State Veterinary College, Cornell University, Ithaca (1896).

Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Columbus (1883).

San Francisco Veterinary College.

Collins Veterinary Medical College, Nashville, Tenn.

University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine, Philadelphia (1884).

Washington State College, School of Veterinary Science, Pullman (1899).

University of Toronto, Ontario Veterinary College.

School of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Science, Montreal (Laval University).