Beans of all kinds                                                 Lettuce

Beet                                                                       Martynia

Borecole or kale                                                    Muskmelon

Brussels sprout                                                     Mustard

Cabbage                                                                 Onion (see also p. 132)

Carrot                                                                    Parsley

Cauliflower and broccoli                                      Parsnip

Celeriac                                                                  Pea

Celery                                                                    Pepper

Chicory                                                                  Pumpkin

Corn                                                                       Salsify

Corn-salad                                                             Spinach

Cress                                                                      Squash

Cucumber                                                              Tomato

Dandelion                                                              Turnip

Egg-plant                                                              Watermelon


By other means than seeds

Artichoke, globe; by seeds, but many worthless plants may be secured; by suckers about the crown of the old plant, if particular strains are to be perpetuated.

Artichoke, Jerusalem ; by tubers, or divisions of the tubers.

Horseradish, cuttings of side roots.

Mushroom, by spawn (or dried and prepared mycelium) ; latterly also by spores.

Onion, the "black seed" or usual onions, by seed; potato or Egyptian onions, by "tops" or bulblets borne in the place of flowers ; multipliers, by the natural divisions of the bulbs. Onion "sets" are small dry onions that renew their growth when planted.

Potato, cuttings of the tubers.

Rhubarb, or pie-plant; by seeds, but these give variable progeny; preferably by division of the roots into strong eyes.

Sea-kale; by seeds, but better by root-cuttings from the best plants.

Yam, Chinese. Bulblets from the axils of the leaves; division of the root.