Allylpyrocatechin 183

The presence of allylpyrocatechin, C9H10O2, in Javanese betel leaf oil was demonstrated by Schimmel & Co.1) Previously this phenol had not been known to exist in the vegetable kingdom, neither had it been prepared synthetically. It is one of the phenols extracted by means of dilute caustic soda solution from fraction 137 to 139° (4 mm.). Crystallized from benzene and petroleum ether, it is obtained in long colorless, filt-like needles which melt at 48 to 49° and boil at 139° (4 mm.). The odor is but faint, reminding somewhat of creosote. In water and alcohol it is readily soluble. The alcoholic solution is colored a deep green by ferric chloride. The alkaline solution of the phenol quickly assumes a dark red color. The dibenzoyl compound, prepared according to Schotten-Baumann, melts at 71 to 72°. The diacetyl compound is a colorless oil which boils at 229° (157° at 7 mm.). When methylated with dimethyl sulphate, the phenol is converted into methyleugenol.