Betelphenol 184

Betelphenol2) (allylguaiacol), C10H12O2, has thus far been found only in betel oil, from which it can be isolated in the usual manner by shaking it out with caustic soda solution. It is a strongly refractive solution characterized by the following properties:

1) Report of Schimmel & Co. October 1907, 16.

2) The name betelphenol, given to this compound by its discoverers, was later changed to chavibetol by others.

B. p. 254 to 255°, 131 to 133° (12 to 13 mm.); d15o 1,067.1) B. p. 107 to 109° (4 mm.); d15o 1,0690; nD20o1,54134.2)

In a freezing mixture it congeals to a crystalline mass which melts at + 8,5°.

For its identification the benzoyl compound, m. p. 49 to 50° is utilized. The acetyl compound melts at - 5°; b. p. 275 to 277°.

In alcoholic solution, betelphenol gives an intensively blue-green color with ferric chloride.