Bornyl Isovalerate occurs in oil of valerian and in kesso root oil. In the latter it is found in the lagvogyrate modification. Artificially it is obtained by the esterification of borneol with isovaleric acid. It is a colorless, aromatic liquid, the odor and taste of which remind both of valerian and borneol. According to Bruylants1) it boils between 255 and 260°.

In connection with technical products showing an ester content of 86 to 89° o, Schimmel & Co. observed the following constants: d15.0,954 to 0,955; aD - 34°25' to -35° 31'; nD20o about 1,462; soluble in about 4 vol. of 80 p. c. alcohol.

For its quantitative saponification, heating for two hours with a large excess of potassa is required.

Bornyl Isovalerate is reputed to produce good results in all sorts of nervous troubles, especially in nervous heart affections. It is also said to stimulate the appetite.