When first introduced into Europe from the new world, canella bark, from Canella alba, Murray, was regarded as a kind of cinnamon bark. Later is was confounded with other barks, more particularly with Winter's bark, from Drimys Winteri, Forst. Canella bark was described as early as 1605 by Clusius3) of Leyden. In 1690 Dale4) called attention to its being mistaken for Winter's bark. In 1694 Pomet5) confounded canella bark with that of Cinnamodendron corticosum, Miers6) of St. Thomas. The latter was also repeatedly confounded with Winter's bark, even as late as the Paris Exposition of 1855.

In all probability canella oil was first distilled in 1707 by Sloane in England, later by Henry7) in 1820. However, it appears to have found no application. It was examined by Meyer and von Reiche8) in 1843, later by Bruun9) and by Williams.10)