Citronellyl acetate is probably a constituent of citronella oil and oil of geranium, but its presence in either oil has not yet been definitely established. Artificially it can readily be obtained by the action of acetic acid anhydride on citronellol. It is a colorless liquid with a pleasant odor faintly resembling that of bergamot oil. According to Naschold3) it boils at 121,5° under 15 mm. pressure. Tiemann and Schmidt4) record the following properties:

. B. p. 119 to 121° (15 mm.); d17.5o 0,8928; [a]D17.5o + 2,37°; nD17.5o 1,4456.

In the laboratory of Schimmel & Co. the following constants were observed: dl5o 0,9013; aD - 1°15'; nD20o1,44891; soluble in 6 vol. of 70 p. c. alcohol.