The formic ester of citronellol has thus far not been found in volatile oils. It is readily formed by boiling citronellol with twice its volume of strong formic acid/) also by setting aside for several days a solution of citronellol in anhydrous formic acid.2)

1) Journ. f. prakt. Chem. II. 49 (1894), 189.

The ester decomposes readily, and according to Tiemann and Schmidt (loc. cit.) boils between 97 and 100° (10 mm.).

In connection with a technical product containing 93,2 p. c. of ester Schimmel & Co. observed the following properties: d15o 0,9105; aD - 1°9'; nD20o1,45111; soluble in 12,5 vol. of 70 p. c. and in 2,5 vol. of 80 p. c. alcohol.