Pinocarveol 140

This dicyclic alcohol, the constitution of which is probably correctly expressed by the above formula, occurs in all probability in the last fractions of the oil of Eucalyptus Globulus.1) Artificially it can be obtained by the action of nitrous acid upon pinylamine acetate or nitrate.2)

1) Report of Schimmel & Co. October 1895, 44. 2) Berl. Berichte 33 (1900), 1459.

For the alcohol isolated from eucalyptus oil Wallach records the following constants:

B. p. 92° (12 mm.); d20o 0,9745; nD20o1,49630; for artificial pinocarveol:

B. p. 215 to 218°; d22o 0,978; nD20o1,49787.

For its identification the phenylurethane is suited. It melts at 82 to 84° (a small part thereof melts at 95°).