Terpinenol 1 133

This alcohol also has not yet been found in volatile oils. Of interest is its occurrence in the first fraction of commercial liquid terpineol.1) Synthetically it was prepared by Wallach2) from v-iso-propylhexenone. - B. p. 208 to 210°; d18o0,9265; nD18o1,4781.1)

With hydrohalogens the alcohol is converted into terpinene derivatives. Oxidation with dilute permanganate solution converts it into 1,3,4-trihydroxyterpane, m. p. 120 to 121°. Further oxidation converts it into a,a'-dihydroxymethyl isopropyladipinic acid, m. p. 189°. When heated with acids the trihydroxyterpane yields a mixture of p-cymene and V1-menthenone, the semi-carbazone of which melts at 224 to 225°. These compounds can be utilized for the identification of terpinenol-1.