For the sake of completeness, reference may here be made to an oil of which samples have repeatedly been sent to Schimmel &Co.1) under the designation of "Java lemon olie." As to its botanical origin nothing could be ascertained. However, the plant yielding the oil appears to be a species of Andropogon, presumably a wild mana-grass (see above), for the oils seemed to resemble citronella oil though their odor was somewhat different. The constants observed were within the following limits: d15o0,8809 to 0,8914; aD + 10°6' to + 14°52'; nD20o1,46466 to 1,46684; total geraniol 49,1 to 50,9 p. c. The oils were readily soluble in 80 p. c. alcohol (abt. 1 vol.), but upon dilution the solution invariably became turbid.

Of special interest is the occurrence of l-citronellal which thus far has not been observed in any other volatile oil. The aldehyde, separated from an oil with bisulphite solution, had the following properties: b.p. 205 to 208°; d15o0,8567; aD - 3°; nD20o 1,44791; m. p. of semicarbazone 74°. Other constituents are cineol and probably limonene or a mixture of limonene and dipentene.