Araucaria Cunninghamii, Ait.'2) grows along the Northern coast of Australia, in New South Wales and in Queensland, and is known as the Hoop, Colonial, or Moreton bay pine. The leaves distilled in November yielded 0,005 p. c. of oil which revealed the following constants: d21o 0,8974; nD210 1,4977; S. V. 4,4 = 1,54 p.c. of ester Ch3cooc10 H17; insoluble in 10 vol. of 90 p. c. alcohol. Apparently it consists of high boiling terpenes. The latex yielded upon distillation 3,8 p. c. of volatile oil, the odor of which reminded slightly of menthene. d22o/150 ,8057; aD + 31,2°; nD22o 1,457. After standing for ten months a resin had been deposited from which the oil was decanted. This boiled between 154 and 155° (corn); d19o 0,7929; aD±0o; nD19o 1,4437. Analysis revealed the formula C10H20. Found: C 85,77 p.c; H 14,15 p.c; calculated for C10H20: C 85,71 p.c; H 14,29 p.c. Hence the hydrocarbon is a menthane. Presumably the original oil contained a menthene from which the menthane resulted upon standing. The aqueous distillate also contained acetic and butyric acids.