The oil from culilawan bark from Cinnamomum Culilawan, Blume, was first prepared by Schloss1) in 1824. He describes it as an oil the odor of which resembles that of cloves and cajeput.

The yield amounted to 4 p.c. d15o1,051; soluble in 3 vol. or more of 70 p.c. alcohol1).

The principal constituent2) is eugenol (m.p. of benzoyl eugenol 70 to 71°). One oil, assayed according to Thorns' method, yielded 62 p.c. A second constituent of the oil is methyleugenol which boils between 249 and 252° (m. p. of monobrom methyleugenol dibromide 78 to 79°; m.p. of veratric acid 179 to 180°). Fraction 100 to 125° (10 mm.) possibly contains terpineol.