According to E. Goulding2), the bark of Cinnamomum pedatinervium, Meissn., a tree3) that is indigenous to the Fiji islands, yields upon distillation 0,92 p. c. of a yellowish-brown oil of an agreeable spicy odor. [a]D - 4,96°; nD15o1,1963. Under ordinary pressure it distills between 180 and 255°. S. V. 4,4. After acetylation the saponification value of the oil had risen to 115,8, thus showing that it contains about 30,75 p. c. of free alcohols of the formula C10H18O. From the results of a methoxyl determination an Och3 content of 1,16 p.c. was computed.

The principal constituent of the oil, about 50 p.c, is safrol (piperonal; piperonylic acid; m.p. of safrol-a-nitrosite4) 129 to 130°). 30 p. c. of the oil consists of linalool (citral; citryl-B-naphthocinchoninic acid), 1 p.c. of eugenol (m.p. of benzoyl eugenol 70°) and probably about 3 p. c. of eugenol methyl ether. There are also present 10 to 20 p.c. of unknown terpenes which boil between 167 and 172° and which yield a liquid dibromide.