The volatile oil of the stem bark of Cinnamomum pedunculatum, Presl. (Nees) (C. japonicum, Sieb.), which tree is known in Japan as Yabunikkei, has been examined by Keimazu and Asahina1). The oil which differs decidedly from ordinary cinnamon oil has the following properties: d 0,917; [a]D - 280,54' (4°40'?); A.V. 0; S. V. 0; S. V. after acetylation 84,6. The oil is rich in a-phellandrene (m. p. of nitrite 110°). In addition, it contains a small amount of eugenol (m. p. of benzoyl compound 69°), also methyl eugenol (m. p. of veratric acid 179°).

An oil examined by Schimmel & Co.2), was light yellow in color and revealed the following constants: d16o0,9316; aD - 14°32'; it was not completely soluble in 10 vol. of 70 p. c. alcohol, but soluble in 1,2 vol. or more of 80 p.c. alcohol. The oil contains about 6 p.c. of phenols with a cresol-like odor. The nonphenol portion contains phellandrene and probably linalool.