The dried, flowering herb of Spartium scoparium, L. (Ger. Besenginster, family Leguminosae) yields upon distillation 0,031 p.c. of a dark brown oil with a strong odor which when cooled to 0° congeals in part3). d16o0,8673; A.V. 58,6; E. V. 29,4. It contains furfurol, palmitic acid (m. p. 60 to 61°) and a paraffin that melts at 48 to 49°4).

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4) The flowers of Spartium junceum, L. (Fr. Genet d'Espagne, Ger. spanischer Ginster) which also belongs to the Genisteae, are extracted in Grasse with volatile solvents for the preparation of perfume.