According to a communication by Ritsema3), the leaves of the modjo tree, Aegle Marmelos, Corr. (family Rutaceae) are used by the natives of the island of Madura as a remedy against the hoof-and-mouth-disease. The leaves yielded upon distillation about 0,6 p.c. of an oil with a light yellow color, d25o 0,856; aD26o +10,71°; S. V. 10,6. Distillation resulted in the following fractions: I. up to 100°, 5 g.; II. from 100 to 130°, 5,1 g.; III. 130 to 160°, 1 g.; IV. residue 1,5 g.

Fraction II contained d-b'monene which was characterized by its b. p. (175°) and its tetrabromide (m. p. 104 to 105°). Aldehydes could not be detected. Noteworthy is the fact that when the oil is exposed to the air it looses about 8 p.c. within a quarter of an hour. At the same time it becomes decidedly turbid. Upon prolonged standing the oil becomes clear again, at the same time viscid and resinous. A similar viscid product was also obtained upon the distillation of the dried leaves.

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