The fresh twigs and young cones of the Canada balsam fir, Abies balsamea, Mill. (Balm of Gilead fir) yield upon distillation with steam an oil closely resembling the two previous ones.

Properties and Composition. d20o 0,8881; aD20o - 28,91°. Upon fractional distillation 1,5 p.c. passed over up to 160°, 47,7 p.c. between 160 and 170°, 29,2 p.c. between 170 and 185°, 16,2 p.c. between 185 and 210°, residue 5,4 p.c.

The oil contains 17,6 p.c. bornyl acetate. The lsevogyrate fraction 160 to 165° yielded a nitrosochloride (m. p. 101°). Although the amount was too small to prepare other derivatives, it may be assumed that the oil contains /-a-pinene3).