The Mexican swamp cypress (Taxodium mexicanum, Carr.; T. Montezumae, Decne.; T. mucronatum, Ten.) known as Sab/no in Mexico occurs at altitudes of from 1600 to 2300 m. It is not widely distributed, but where it occurs constitutes large forests1). An oil sent to Germany by the Instituto Medico Nacional of Mexico, has been examined by Schimmel & Co.2). The distillate, which presumably had been obtained from the leaves, was light yellow in color, and resembles turpentine oil as to odor, to which it possibly is also closely related as to composition. d15o 0,8685; aD - 10°20'; nD20o 1,46931; A. V. 0,5; E. V. 5,7; soluble in 5,4 vols, and more of 90 p. c. alcohol.