Dried at 100°, the powdered livermoss; Leioscyphus Taylori, Hook. (Fam. Jungermanniaceae) yielded, upon distillation with water vapor, 1,6 p. c. of a viscid, bluish-green volatile oil1). This oil has an intensive, persistent, peculiar odor and a very disagreeable taste; d200,978 and 0,986; [a]D - 3,44° (determined in a 9,03 p. c. alcoholic solution); S. V. 11,4. The analyses of fraction 260 to 265°, d 0,937, [,,]D - 22°, correspond with a sesquiterpene alcohol C15H26 . Fraction 265 to 278° appears to contain a sesquiterpene C15H24. Fraction 280 to 290° ([,,white + 26,88°) contains a sesquiterpene alcohol C15H260. Neither of the alcohols yielded solid benzoyl derivatives.