Origin and Production. Upon steam distillation of African sandarac from Callitris quadrivalvis, Vent. (Thuja articulata, Desf.) 0,262) to 1 p.c.3) of volatile oil are obtained. Th. A. Henry4) obtained the oil by dissolving the resin in alcohol, making the solution slightly alkaline with potassa, distilling off the alcohol and shaking out the residual potassium salts with ether.

Properties. A golden yellow liquid; d15o,8781; aD20o. + 67°60'.

Composition4). Fraction 152 to 159° contains d-a-pinene (m. p. of nitrosochloride 103°, of nitrolpiperidine 118°). Fraction 270 to 280° contains a hydrocarbon which presumably belongs to the diterpenes (d15o 0,9386; aD + 51°42'; nD 1,5215).