The leaves of Actinostrobus pyramidalis, Miq. (Callitris actinostrobus, F. v. M.)1), which occurs in isolated localities in western Australia, when distilled in July yielded 0,256 p.c. of volatile oil possessing the following properties: d15 o 0,8726; aD + 40,9°; nD19o 1,4736; S. V. 21,6 = 7,6 p.c. of ester C10H17Ococh8; S. V. cold 19,81 = 6,93 p.c. of ester C10H17Ococh8; soluble in 4 vols, of 90 p. c. alcohol.

Upon fractionation the oil was shown to be a terpene oil that consisted almost entirely of d-a-pinene which was characterized in the usual manner. Limonene seemed to be almost entirely absent. The oil also contains geranyl acetate, the geraniol being identified by its oxidation to citral.