The leaves of Callitris robusta, R. Br.2) (C. Preissii, Miq.; C Suissii, Preiss; Frenela robusta, A. Cunn.), which occurs in Western Australia, when distilled in July yielded 0,261 p.c. of oil that possessed the following properties: d15o 0,8825; aD. +10,3°; nD19o1,4752; S. V. 49,59 = 17,35 p.c. of ester C10H17Ococh3; soluble in 10 vol. of 80 p.c. alcohol. Upon careful fractionation the investigators isolated much d-a-pinene, also d-bomyl acetate and geranyl acetate. Presumably the oil contains small amounts of limonene and dipentene, likewise a sesquiterpene.

1) A research on the pines of Australia, Sydney 1910, p. 60. 2) Baker and Smith, Joe. cit. p. 89.

The fruits yielded 0,363 p. c. of an oil which possessed the following properties: d16/15o 0,877; aD - 17,9°; nD18o1,4774; S.V. 16,8 = 5,88 p.c. of ester C10 H17 Ococh,.