COD LIVER OIL is not to be regarded as a food. Its use as a medicine covers several centuries but its magic virtues are recent discoveries. For a few years it was a specific for rickets, both preventing and curing the disease. Now it must have the aid of better food and sunlight, or at least lamp light. There is not really much attention given to sunlight.

Mr. Hater's statement that the giving of "from six to ten drops of cod-liver oil every other day, increasing the proportion as the child becomes older, until at the age of twelve the child is taking" a half a tea-spoonful three times a week "sounds a little like witchcraft," is good. He adds, "It seems only a step from oil from fish livers to the extract of frogs' tongues and newts' gizzards."

I have never used cod-liver oil, but it has fallen to my lot to care for children to whom it had been given for longer or shorter periods without benefit. I have seen troubles that I am convinced resulted from its use. I advise all parents not to give it to their children.

YEAST is a commercial product and all the claims made for it are simply designed to sell more yeast and, thereby, increase the profits of the yeast manufacturers, who have no more interest in promoting your health than have coal-mine owners. Subsidized physicians and scientists are quoted by the yeast companies to convince you of its great value. These statements have as much value as those of any other man who says what he is paid to say.

There is no evidence that yeast preparations or extracts are more effective, more practical or more available sources of vitamins than the common fruits and vegetables of garden and orchard. Indeed, the yeast companies have about completely abandoned this claim and tell us that the value of the yeast lies in other elements it contains. In what other elements, then? They never say.

Claims for the prophylactic and therapeutic value of yeast are false and misleading. Yeast is a ferment and has been employed as such for ages. It sets up fermentation in the digestive tract and this is certainly not desirable.

IODIN in water, in salt and in various drug preparations is advised and freely given to prevent goitre in children, a lack of iodin being regarded by medical men as the cause of this condition.

Now, not only is this theory of the cause of goitre unproven, but we have no reason to believe that drug iodin can be of any use to the body, although we know positively that it can and does produce considerable harm, even death. Its use has actually been responsible for many cases of goitre.

The amount of iodin found in man's body is a mere trace. It may be a normal element of man's body; it may be a foreign element. But one thing is certain, man's only usable supply of iodin is fruits and vegetables and these supply more iodin than he needs. Asparagus, pineapple, cabbage and green kidney beans will take care of your child's iodin needs without trying to substitute drugs for food. Feed your child don't drug it. Putting iodin in our city water will someday be prohibited by law. The use of iodized salt will also end. Indeed, we will abandon the use of salt entirely.