An intelligent man may be wrong sometimes, but a fool is always right. He is never wrong. The medical profession is never wrong. It never changes, except superficially.

This is the reason it is necessary for me to write this book. There are many books on the care and feeding of infants, but most of them consist largely of repetitions of ancient mistakes. There is little in them that can be recommended to the parent who desires to care for his or her child in the best manner possible. They are full of statements which have been known to be false for many years. But the medical profession is never wrong.

I constantly see children who are cared for as advised by these books or by the ex-purts who wrote them, or by the doctors who follow these ex-spurts, and I can't work up a great deal of enthusiasm over the results of such care. Indeed, as a rule, to which there are some exceptions, those children who are most under the care of specialists are the ones who suffer most.

It will be said that they are under the care of the specialists because of their sufferings; but I am convinced, from over ten years of careful observations, that their sufferings are largely the result of being under the care and misguidance of the specialist.

The greatest charge I bring against the medical profession, one that outranks the charges of ignorance and commercialism, is that it is artificial and unnatural in almost everything that it does. It is a huge system of antinaturalism, based on ignorance and bolstered up by law and commercialism.

In its dealings with children it is estranged from nature and children are suffering because of this. Its scheme of so-called "immunization" is as unnatural as anything can possibly be. This scheme has been appropriately called a "world of biological make-believe." But it would not be so bad if we could stop there. There are two sides to biology--health and disease. Serums and vaccines possess none of the elements of childhood fancy when viewed from the pathological side. Each and every one of them are pathogenic and their devastating influence upon childlife is difficult to over estimate. We find babies adjudged 100% perfect in baby contests denied first prize, and given a place inferior to less perfect children, because they have not been vaccinated, have not been made sick, have not been scarred and marred. It is criminal.

Medicine's feeding scheme disregards nature to an astonishing degree. It is a complex and anti-natural affair which all too often completely overlooks the physiological needs of the child and which almost constantly disregards the chemistry of digestion.

One can only register pain when he sees the great emphasis which they place upon cow's milk in the diet of the child and greater pain when he finds them to be determined that no child shall ever receive milk from a healthy and properly nourished cow.

As I write these lines there lays here on my desk a copy of the Golden Age, for April 16, 1930. In it I find these words: "Dr. Morris Fishbein, of the American Medical Journal, has been addressing the Nebraska Millers Association on the value of white bread."

Dr. Fishbein is the official mouthpiece of the American Medical Association and, while it may be true, as is often stated, that there are some members of this association, who disapprove of him and his reactionism and bigotry, it is true that they remain silent and continue to aid in paying his salary.

Be this as it may, the fact is that the great mass of physicians, including almost 100% of the child specialists, are still feeding white flour products and denatured cereal products to children of all ages, even to infants. Many of these defend white flour and disparage whole wheat. Many other denatured products are advocated and employed by physicians in feeding children.

Their opposition to sun-bathing is being slowly broken down. But it has required nearly a hundred years to accomplish this. At this writing, however, there are still many physicians who regard sun-bathing as a silly and harmful fad. Others think the sun-bath may possess some virtue but they never advise it and go on day after day just as though it has no value.

Of the other so-called schools of healing, I need say very little. Physio-medicalism and homeopathy are all but dead. Eclecticism is little if any in advance of the allopaths, while its members are few.

Chiropractic has nothing to offer in child care except spinal examination and adjustment. The same is true of Naprapathy. Osteopathy follows the allopathic medical program very closely. The new thought people and Christian scientists have nothing of their own to offer. The Naturopaths, physcultopaths and natural therapists, all of which are really one, have the most to offer, of all the schools, in the care of children, but even these mix in too much of the artificial and unnatural.

When we consider the sick child, we find medicine to be equally as unnatural and artificial, but more destructive, than in her feeding and general care of the semi-healthy child. Poisonous drugs, filthy, putrid serums, septic vaccines, surgery, over-feeding and the same denatured diet mentioned above make up their armamentarium.

When one considers the abuse that parents and physicians heap upon children, it causes him to marvel, not that so many children die, but that so few die. For, he soon sees that the child enters a conflict against sinister foes the day it is born, even granting that it has not been. forced to fight with them before birth.