There is nothing in this world more beautiful and lovely than a healthy, well developed, happy and contented child. Nothing elicits our sympathy and compassion so quickly and so abundantly as a suffering child. The freshness and joyousness of healthy childhood, the purity and loveliness of their minds and hearts, the frankness and candor of their little souls is the admiration of the whole world. Small wonder that Jesus declared that unless one become like unto a little child he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

We can have a nation of healthy, happy well-developed, lovely children when we become sufficiently interested in them to place their interest first and commercial interests last. Men are naturally strong and handsome; women are naturally beautiful and graceful. That we are a nation of animated cartoons and caricatures is evidence that there is much that is wrong with the conditions determining or influencing our development.

We can build a nation of super-Venuses and Apollos, with minds as well developed as their bodies and with splendid morals and lovely characters as soon as we as a nation, and as parents, develop sufficient interest in the welfare of our children, to prompt us to acquire and make use of the now available knowledge of how to care for them.

One of the greatest curses of child-life is parents and teachers and doctors. The ignorance and stubbornness and all around cussedness of these deny the child all opportunity for normal physical, mental, moral and social development. These set bad examples before the child, force artificial conditions upon the child, impose their own wills upon it and train it in their own perversions.

The average parent can see no reason why his or her child should not be fed and clothed and cared for as he or she, or as all other children are fed and clothed and "cared" for. Like the average teacher, the average parent is bound, hand and foot, to the traditions of the past, the conventions of the present and to his or her own bad personal habits. These are early made into yokes to fasten upon the necks of children. The normal, natural unfoldment of child-life is impossible enough under such conditions.

But added to these we have the vicious practices and still more vicious ignorance of the doctor. His ignorance of feeding is lamentable. His ignorance of the body more so. His insistence upon the removal of the child's tonsils and adenoids, and upon the frequent and repeated inoculation of the child with vaccines and serums and "anti-toxins" of many and various kinds, his repeated drugging of the child and his many other crimes against child-life, are damnable.

To offset, counteract, subdue and suppress the results of all these crimes against child-life, we have a huge army of police, courts and jails and houses of correction, and reformatories, and prisons, and electric chairs and gallowses, and churches and hospitals and asylums and all the machinery and personnel and pretense and injustice that go with these things. These but add insult to injury. It is as though we placed a dam across a stream and, then, whipped the waters that overflow the river's banks, get out of their normal channel and play havoc with the crops on either side of the stream.

So uniformly bad is the treatment and management given to these helpless babies, so uniform and universal their wails and tears, and so common their deaths, that people in general think little of the frightful infant mortality, while the sufferings of these little ones and their perils are, along with the trials and tribulations of parents, treated as jokes upon which the wits and of high and low degree harp at will.

Parents, educators, nurses, physicians and all others who care for children should strive to care for these little mites of humanity so that they may be healthy and happy. It is one of the curses of our boasted civilization that our children are the prey both of ignorance and of an unscrupulous commercialism. Manufacturing drug houses, physicians who can only be regarded as criminals, food manufacturers, and sweat shop owners, who exploit the labor of children, live off the bodies and lives of these little ones. Like huge vampires they suck the life-blood of children and cause them much suffering and unhappiness and kill untold thousands of them.

Our school system is a blot on civilization and a curse to child-life. It is not only defective in itself, but it is the prey of unscrupulous commercial ghouls--physicians, politicians, theologians, manufacturers, militarists, etc.

The churches are also curses to child life. The greatest crime of organized religion is its method of filling the minds of children with groundless fears of God, devil, purgatory and hell and its emphasis upon the unreal and frequently unimportant. By its doctrine of the nastiness of life, religion has been one of the greatest evils that ever befel the race. It has hid the truth. It has taught the lie. It has cursed many more lives than it ever blessed.

If I could sum this all up in a sentence, I would say it about like this: The Curse Of Child Life Today Is That Sinister Combination Of Ignorance With Big Business, Big Politics, Big Medicine And Big Church And Their Unscrupulous Exploitation Of Children--unborn and born.

Over against these evil forces and destructive practices I shall place a system of natural hygiene and natural education (not training) which cannot be exploited and commercialized. I shall leave the mistakes of the past and present in the rear, and build upon natural law and the physiological requirements of the growing infant and child.