On June 2O, 1926 little Geraldine Creamer, age 4, 611 John St., Peekskill, N. Y., died of lockjaw, following vaccination during a cooked up smallpox scare-- a case of ivy poisoning, having been diagnosed as smallpox.

The culprits in this case explained that the girl, who had been vaccinated on the leg, received the lockjaw infection from garden soil, while playing in the garden. In a full page article in the New York Evening Graphic, I challenged them to give me lockjaw, by wounding me in a dozen places and rubbing the soil from the garden in every wound. The Commissioner of Health made a weak reply in the local paper, but ignored my challenge. He did not want his alibi exposed by a test.

Lockjaw is a comparatively rare disease except where a vaccination epidemic rages. In his Principles and Practice of Medicine, Sir. Wm. Osler says of tetanus as a disease transmitted by vaccination: "McFarland collected 95 cases, practically all American. Sixty-three occurred in 19O1, in which R. W. Wilson demonstrated the tetanus bacillus. Most of these cases occurred about Philadelphia."

The United States Public Health Report, March 20, 1925 says that "several fatal cases of tetanus in vaccinated individuals, have recently occurred in the United States." The Report for June 26, 1925, contains accounts, in its first six pages, of eleven cases of tetanus following vaccination. Boys are more susceptible than girls to post-vaccinal tetanus.

In a letter dated Aug. 9, 1929, and addressed to Senator Robt. F. Wagner, Dr. Hugh S. Cumming, Surgeon General of the U.S. Public Health Service, says the figures, which his letter shows are incomplete, for deaths due to post-vaccinal tetanus are as follow: 1925, 29; 1926, 15; 1927, 17; 1929, 1. As most of these deaths occur after school opens in September, at which time the great orgie of vaccination begins, the apparent reduction in 1929 s probably very deceptive.

In the early part of 1925, while the whole of the East was in the throes of a vaccination epidemic the New York Evening Graphic uncovered at least two deaths from post-vaccinal tetanus, and many other cases of vaccinal injury, in Baltimore. After they published the accounts of these cases, the hospitals in Baltimore established a rigid censorship and suppressed the horrid truth about this criminal practice.

But a truce with tetanus; the newspapers carry frequent reports of such deaths and I can only touch the high spots here. Everyone can know of these cases who cares to investigate.

Within recent years other troubles have been definitely traced to vaccination. I have already quoted Dr. Osler's statement that "at the height of vaccination convulsions may occur and be followed by hemiplegia." Paralysis is a more frequent result of vaccination than has heretofore been suspected. Dr. Osler says: "Cerebro-spinal meningitis has a curious predilection for soldiers." Captain Sheffield Neave, of England, says; "meningitis is a disease of soldiers and babies."

During the recent war there was a great mortality and invalidism among soldiers due to cerebro-spinal meningitis. Antivaccinationists declared it to be due to vaccination. This brought vigorous protests and loud denunciations from the devotees of pus and the smallpox goddess.

In the "Lancet," the leading British medical Journal, of September 4th, 1926, is set forth accounts of seven cases of encephalo-myelitis (inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, and their membranes), following vaccination in two London Hospitals within recent years. Prof H. M. Turnbull and Prof. Jas. McIntosh who painfully and carefully investigated these cases stated in the British Journal of Experimental Pathology, from which the "Lancet" quotes, that:

"There can be no doubt that vaccination was a definite causal factor. "

The Lancet declares that the account in the Journal: "includes summaries of clinical histories and necropsies and descriptions of the pathological changes, gross and minute, in the central nervous system as well as in the vaccinated areas, regional lymphatic glands, and other tissues. Beautifully clear drawings illustrate the histological lesions found in the spinal cord at lower levels. The evidence of aetiology (the science of cause) derived from clinical and histological manifestations is shown to be strong, and is confirmed by the results of biological experiments (experiment on animals made independently by Dr. Paul Fildes and Prof. McIntosh). Inoculation of material from the brain and spinal cord of three of these cases showed the presence of vaccinia virus, no other virus being obtained."